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I am Abella and I am from the City State of Singapore. If you have not been there you ought to get out there at least once in your lifetime. With all the the great restaurants and things to do, I really believe you will enjoy it.

Now I live here in Long Island NY just a mere 9500 miles from my home. I have lived here for over 10 years now and I do love my new home. I do go back to Singapore frequently not only because a large part of my family lives there.

I really love to express myself and I hope this blog will allow this. I want this to be about all of the different things you will either run into with being a homeowner or thing you may be considering.

Yes, I am also a homeowner who looks at my home not only as a place to rest my head, but as an extension of myself. Something that reflects my personality for all to see.

That is why we can get so emotional about our homes. How it looks, when it needs repairs, how we change the design to fit our particular cultures and tastes.

I think it is great with all of the home shows there are on cable. There shows truly exemplifies that buying and owning a home has become much more than establishing a shelter for us to live in.

Even when you are choosing to pick a home, there are certain types of homes that attract you then other styles. Such as, some of you may like English Tudors, while others Colonial, while others Spanish. We all have our own independent tastes which are reflected in our personalities. This will not only come out in our home buying decisions but in the way we decorate our homes and in the way we handle any type of repair, improvement or other necessity that arises.

For example, something as simple as a picking a lawn maintenance company, assuming you are not doing it yourself, can be a challenge. Why would something like this be a challenge, you may ask? Well, how the company represents itself, how clean it’s equipment is, may be important to you. Also, the skill with which they  can maintain you lawn, shrubs, hedges, bushes may also be important to you.

This kind of behavior can also occur with how you pick furniture, drapes, choose carpeting, who cleans your carpets, who you use as a plumber. Everything you do for your house is also determined by your personality.  If you are a cheapskate with your home, that is actually an indicator of your personality type.

I know some of what I am saying sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus, but if you really sit back and think about, you will see what I am saying has a lot of merit to it.

So I really want to discuss the hows and why we make different decisions  for our homes. I truly hope you will enjoy this unique perspective.

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