Tips on Keeping Customers Happy

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Happy Client

Growing a healthy relationship with your clients is an excellent ingredient for building a successful enterprise. When you ensure that they are happy with your business, you can as well be guaranteed of their return in future. Additionally, a happy client will act as your ambassador, spreading the good about your firm to other customers. Their loyalty will also be seen through their comments whenever they visit as they’ll not only leave a positive feedback but also advice on what you ought to correct.

In this age of inventions and innovations, caring for each consumer has never been this vital. In fact, a recent study done at the Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C. revealed that attracting a new client costs five times more than keeping a new one. This can serve as a wake-up call to all those who keep dropping their old customers for new ones.

What Is The Real Meaning Of It Then?

It is, however, important to note that keeping customers happy isn’t about the “customer is always right” notion. It is striving as much as you can to ensure that all their demands are met. When you know and understand your customer, then meeting all his needs can be as easy as having a conversation with him. Goods and services of superior quality comprise all that factors which will add to his happiness. But what are the tips to keep them happy then?

  1. Create a Bond or Emotional Connection

According to a study, emotional connection can have as big as over 50% influence on the customer’s buying decisions. Emotions play a great role in the client’s overall behavior far more than any technical and functional factors. But how can the emotional connection be created?

With your firm’s employees, emotional connection can simply be created from the simple things you do such as communicating and serving them to the big ones like consulting them. Respect for their opinions is also a great contributor, besides always putting their requirements and suggestions before everything else. With a strong emotional connection, therefore, you will have made them happy.

2. Offer Them A Surprise

While this tip might appear inappropriate, it is until when you try out that you will see the magic in it. Big firms all over the world, especially those in the entertainment industry often register dwindling attendance ratios as the event continues. It can be hard doing an advertisement for a big and famous event when everyone else is hosting theirs.

The best and often the only way of taming this is by offering each ticket holder a surprise gift. From shirts and branded merchandise to wristbands, there are virtually unlimited options to choose from. A surprise will not only boost their attendance as well as your sales ratio but will also make them happy. You can try this one out too.

3. Communicate Effectively

An excellent communication channel between you and your clients not only boosts your customer base but also creates a unique bond of friendship. We all know that with friendship is massive sales and eventually everyone will be happy. It’s highly important to be careful while communicating, however, since wrong interpretations can send the wrong meaning, hence loss of customers.

As a business person, you ought to listen twice as much as you talk. You must choose not only your words with caution but also choose a customer-focused language and tone. Listen to their demands, respond appropriately and pay attention to their non-verbal language as well. In short, communicate effectively with your clients to make them happy.

4. Establish A Working Customer Service Desk

Customer requirements vary with industries, and it can be relatively costly ignoring each of them. A customer office specifically deals with not just answering customers’ issues but also helping them with prompt and valid responses. An excellent way to make them happy is, therefore, having a working customer service desk.

   5. Treat Them With Respect And Courtesy

A Happy customer is those who are not just get appreciated whenever they visit your store but also sense courtesy. With the vibrant social media, there have been many fora and platforms where franchises are rebuked because of their poor public relations department. Bad publicity can be detrimental, especially when done on such a massive platform as it will automatically mean the loss of customers and revenue. Remember that bad news travel faster than the good you do every day. Therefore, to keep them happy, respect is mandatory.

   6. Nurture Trust Through Quality

There’s nothing as worse for a client as purchasing an unworthy item. Besides totally abandoning your store, their loss of confidence will spill over to many other masses. Even if your firm is big, repeating the same mistake will eventually render it useless and lead to massive loss of sales. However, when you nurture trust by offering high-quality goods and services, your clients will stay happy, refer their colleagues and ensure that your firm grows.

 7. Other Tips to Make Your Customers Happy

  1. Strive to be transparent, especially in the digital age
  2. Kindness and gratitude will make them happy
  3. Continue to surpass their expectations
  4. Genuinely interact with them. You will learn more about them
  5. Follow up and stay in touch with them
  6. Entertain them – Everyone like Humor!

I hope you got something out of this post. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.