Unlocking the Obscurity of Darkened Dreams

One of the things you must always  be able to do is to be able to dream. This is something we have as kids, but then somehow we lose as we grow older. We get caught in a rut and as the years go on, we start to loose the luster for life and just wait for our days to be over.

I know that sounds like a sad obituary for most of our lives. Maybe having your home achieve an impeccable interior design is one way to express your dreams or can be a way to hide it under a sea of color and fabrics. Whatever the reason, we need sometimes to do a deep inner checks of ourselves, to really understand if there is something special trying to raise it’s head to be heard and to be recognized.

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Look like the Taj Mahal on a Dime

Everyone wants there home to look really hot. Who doesn’t? Well maybe if you live in the backwoods of Alaska you may not care. But most of us do care what kind of place we live in. We want it to be nice and bright. We want it to feel warm and welcome. I know when I go home it is a place of refuge for me.

I love to arrive home and maybe go into my study. I gives me a sense of safety and serenity. Even when I go outside and walk around in my yard, I just love to take in the 5 foot waterfall I have in the back. I have gel lights that surround it and also are embedded in the floor of the lake that the water pours into.

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Residential Window Tinting Does Really Exist! Who Knew?

Yup. you read it correctly. Residential window tinting is not some made up fantasy!! Who would’ve thunk it!¬† And the more I looked into it, the more fascinated I became with the total practicality of having your home windows tinted.

Just recently I was speaking with a friend of mine, and I was just discussing about how I needed new blinds or new shades because of the ridiculously intense sun glare my house would get.. He looked at me and said, why do that when you can get window tinting on your home windows!

So I proceeded to tell him I don’t want my house looking like some pimp palace. With that he replied hey just give the folks at window tinting Long Island a call and they will explain it to you. www.windowtintinglongisland.net. This was the company that tinted the windows at his house.

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