Unlocking the Obscurity of Darkened Dreams

One of the things you must always  be able to do is to be able to dream. This is something we have as kids, but then somehow we lose as we grow older. We get caught in a rut and as the years go on, we start to loose the luster for life and just wait for our days to be over.

I know that sounds like a sad obituary for most of our lives. Maybe having your home achieve an impeccable interior design is one way to express your dreams or can be a way to hide it under a sea of color and fabrics. Whatever the reason, we need sometimes to do a deep inner checks of ourselves, to really understand if there is something special trying to raise it’s head to be heard and to be recognized.

When we were kids, we just to dream big. These were not small, nicely fit into a box dreams, but big, cant even fit in your house dreams. I remember dreaming of being a teach, a doctor,an Olympic figure skater, an animation specialist, even an astronaut. Now while I have experienced success in my life, I did not achieve any of those dreams.

Why not? What a question that leads us into the deepest reaches of our soul.  It is as if a question like this cannot be answered with a simple nod, or the utterance of numbingly boring sentences haphazardly joined to together. This requires the Mother of All Introspection in order to decipher the totality of dreams that were smothered. To achieve my dreams, I had to go through this also.

For me, I think it was it began with my grandfather. While I am light on his life I do know how my father was inhibited by my grandfathers lack of self-worth. My dad was an individual that loved education. While my father’s trade became printing, I believe he could have done so much more with his life. Now I am not saying anything derogatory about people who chose printing as a trade. All I am saying was for fleeting moments, I saw something else in my father. There was a slight ember of what you used to be a burning forest of unbridled enthusiasm

My father, who at a moment of weakness told me of when his father would shut off the lights so he was not able to study. My grandfather was a person who just did not support the aspirations of my father. I had come to find out that my grandfather was very lazy and did not want to work. While, that gene did not pass on to my father, I could see that in large segments of my extended family that trait of dream death was deeply embedded in their souls. There was a lack of motivation to achieve even the smallest of goals

My dad could have even gone to ROTC. But he turned it down to get married at a very young age. While obviously, I am glad my parents got married and had me, I believe that it would have been better for him to go to college in order to break the cycle of just being average.

Dreams are too precious to allow anyone, even loved ones to squash them. What dreams did you have that you let go down that cliff of average? Re-ignite that spark and rekindle that flame of your youth!

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