Look like the Taj Mahal on a Dime

Everyone wants there home to look really hot. Who doesn’t? Well maybe if you live in the backwoods of Alaska you may not care. But most of us do care what kind of place we live in. We want it to be nice and bright. We want it to feel warm and welcome. I know when I go home it is a place of refuge for me.

I love to arrive home and maybe go into my study. I gives me a sense of safety and serenity. Even when I go outside and walk around in my yard, I just love to take in the 5 foot waterfall I have in the back. I have gel lights that surround it and also are embedded in the floor of the lake that the water pours into.

What is so amazing is that I have controls that can change the color or the gels to give me different mood colors. Or I can set it to give variable colors. This is something that really relaxes me and puts my mind in such serenity.

We always need for our home to be a place of safety and comfort. You don’t need to own a mansion or even a house. Your apartment of condo can also be that place of refuge. You have to decide what kind of personality and character you want each place to emanate. This should can be a reflection of who you are or want you want to be.

The great thing is that don;t need a huge budge to do this. There are really great places you can go to get some of the best deals on the planet.

Piers One Imports is truly a great place when you can get some many different pieces to fit your home. Form decor to candles to furniture. This place is an emporium for your home.

You can get really nice pillow and throw rugs that you can used to accent your living room area. You can place throw on you sofa and place different size pillow with different color variations that wont break the bank

You can get some of the same things from Target, but the issue will be the brightness of some of the fabrics and the longevity. Also, on any type of cheaper fabric there is a reduction of thread count. This is so the production cost is lower but then this also caused the quality of the product to suffer.

I definitely would not go to Walmart to get anything that you really want to beautify your home with. Partly because some of the reason I said above. You are just not going to get the vibrant fabrics and colors that you would at places that cost just a little bit more.

Remember. You are trying to build personality and character into your home.Yes there is a functional aspect, but that is not going to help you through life. What am I saying? I am saying that your home is going to help you through you emotional life. Or it should be if you design it correctly.

That being said it is important where you go and purchase your products. Store like Pottery Barn, Pier One, Home Good, etc do cost more. Remember, you do not need to pay retail for anything  You can always by specials and wait for sales.

I love a good sale. I am definitely the type of person that does not like to buy retail.As a matter of fact, I hate buying retail so I feel your pain. Anyone of these store are having constant sales. if you are on their mailing lists, they will send you coupons that can give you quite a nice discount.

Also, you can go to the outlet stores. Here in Long Island, the 2 biggest outlet centers are the Tangor outlets. They are in Deer Park and in Riverhead.

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