When does a Cesspool Service become More Beautiful than flowers?

I love flowers that is for sure. But why would I compare them with a cesspool service? Well. they obviously do not smell the same, or do they? Isn’t there a corpse flower that smells like a .. well.. a body that was happy meal on the walking dead!.


Anyway, the reason I would say that a cesspool company is more beautiful then flowers is because when it goes out on you and does not work properly, then you will appreciate a septic tanks service that will make sure that you will still be able to make at your home and not at the closest fast food store.

Now when I bought my house here on Long Island, I just assumed that all proper cesspool maintenance was done by the previous owner. Now before all of you get over me for not doing my due diligence in my home purchase, let me just tell you I did get a home inspector, I probably got the most expensive one in Suffolk County.

So, nothing really came out of that, but that was a several years ago so anything can happen during that period of time and the last thing I would suspect is an overflowing cesspool. Now, 4 years later I am worrying about septic tank pumping prices.

Not trying to be cheap but hey, everyone wants there commode to work and to work well. Plus the last thing we all want is to have that extra natural fertilizer.

So, I did what the most of you guys would do and I just want on Google and did a “Hope and Pray” for the fist person I called. I got a hold of Cesspool Service Long Island and spoke with the owner.

I was pretty impressed with him because he said they would not only deal with the issue at hand but would do a thorough inspection of my entire septic system.

Now I wanted to know what the average cost to have my septic tank pumped and cleaned. I was given a prices of about $350 but that would depend.

Well, that does not send too bad, but I knew that it could possible cost me a bit more money to have my cesspool pumped. They last thing I wanted was for my house to be inundated with septic tank waste

It is funny, when you always look at things in a positive light and your house is part of that . I have spoke before in this blog about how your house has a personality and you should design that personality in order to bring you the most comfort both physically and mentally.

Obviously, like any other entity, it needs needs maintenance, repair and tender loving care. Even when it comes to having cesspool problems.

it could also be any other type of issue, whether is is roof, electric, lawn, garden, etc. This is just par for the course when it comes to owning a house.

So, the great guys of Cesspool Service Long Island arrive and start their inspection. They quickly figure out what cause the septic tank to overflow. So, I need the system repaired and along with the cost of cesspool pumping, I had to pay over 1k.

They were able to get it done that day and gave me a 5 year guarantee on their workmanship. I love it when companies stand behind their work and don’t try to see what they can get away with. We have all been through the issue of shady contractors.

Well, the cesspool problems that needed to get fixed did not have prices that I could not pay for and it was not a bad experience after all.

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