Bringing Your Home in a Suitcase

Would not that be the coolest thing? If the sides of your home had handles and you could take it anywhere with you? Sounds like time for an invention.

That actually would be something of a sci-fi movie. Or it could be on that station my dad loves to watch, the Sy-Fy channel. You could be inside and someone activates that handles on the sides. Your house then starts to shrink down with handles into a portable suitcase.

Well, since I am not a science fiction writer let me tell you what i am actually speaking about when I say . “Bring Your House With You”.


When you travel, what hotel you stay at is as important as your home. I know a lot of people, may say, “I just need a place to sleep”. Well, I completely disagree with that. Through my experience, I know there is a different of how I feel when I stay at a “Motel 6” or at the Hilton Hotel.

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