Bringing Your Home in a Suitcase

Would not that be the coolest thing? If the sides of your home had handles and you could take it anywhere with you? Sounds like time for an invention.

That actually would be something of a sci-fi movie. Or it could be on that station my dad loves to watch, the Sy-Fy channel. You could be inside and someone activates that handles on the sides. Your house then starts to shrink down with handles into a portable suitcase.

Well, since I am not a science fiction writer let me tell you what i am actually speaking about when I say . “Bring Your House With You”.


When you travel, what hotel you stay at is as important as your home. I know a lot of people, may say, “I just need a place to sleep”. Well, I completely disagree with that. Through my experience, I know there is a different of how I feel when I stay at a “Motel 6” or at the Hilton Hotel.

Now, I know some of you may say that you cannot afford a Hilton or a Marriott. You can still bring your home with you and make a seemingly uninspired place brighten up and add flavor to whatever travel destination that you may have.

Their are many suites out their that you can get a a good rate. I personally love staying at suites.I love to feel “warm and welcomed” when I am traveling. My husband also prefers suites over just a room anywhere we go.

A lot of times, at least for the mid-range to high-priced suites, you can request, things such as extra pillows, feathered pillows, extra sheets, etc. You can really work on having this feel like your home. Also, there are a few other things you can do

You can actually take bed sheets and maybe a pillow or 2 with you. That’s right. Now you know of some of the things that I do. I love taking my own pillow and a sem-thick blanket with me on all of our excursions.

Also, I may place, small electronic candles in my bag and bring a small can of air freshener with me. it is not that the rooms stink, it is that I have a particular smell that I like and that I identify with. So if I go to a hotel suite I always want to feel as if when I get back for it to be as warming and as charming as possible.

Now depending on what type of suite you go to is what you will be able to get out of them. Embassy Suites is a particular favorite of mine. Not very high priced and they will try to meet some of your requests. They do understand they get a lot of families that use their suites so they try to make them feel as a second “Home Away From Home”

I also, like Starwood’s Suite selection. They really have a nice feel and vibe to them and are usually in the 250 dollar range. You can get a discount with AAA or even calling the hotel manager to find out if they have any discounts available.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for Residence Inn or Springhill Suites. While not as cozy as the others, you can still give it that homey feeling from what you bring from home.

Just in case you are thinking about the weight limits that are in place at the airlines, I personally would want to sacrifice some other things to bring than to bring items that I can place around the room to make it feel as warm and as cozy as possible.

One thing I also wanted to mention is that you do not have to go to a hotel chain. You can rent an entire home when you go an vacation. While the entire cost may be a little more pricey, the exchange in comfort that serenity that you will get will be unmatched.

I love this part of vacationing. I know of of heard comments that say, “I am not gong on vacation to clean and cook”. Guess what? You do not have to!! Just find out if there are laundry drop off services, and you can still eat at restaurants!!

There are so many ways that a person can really remove the dreariness of a hotel stay and bring the warmth of home on their vacation.

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