Beautifying your Property in Suffolk County NY with Amazing Tree Trimming

Beautifying a property here in Suffolk County, takes a lot of work but the results are fully gratifying. Landscaping is the best way to go about beautifying your property. Trees are very good for landscaping as they can be shaped in different forms. A tree trimming service in Long Island can do some good work on your trees and transform your property in a few hours. Trees, shrubs, flowers and grass can all be used in beautifying the property.


Trees have both aesthetic and monetary value in a home. Some of the benefits that trees bring to a home include;

  • A calming effect as the breeze pass through the branches
  • A quieting effect as trees act as natural sound barriers
  • Natural wind barriers
  • Shade for relaxation outdoors
  • Privacy of the home as trees act as visual barriers

As much as trees make a property beautiful, they can also be an eyesore if they are not well cared for. Trimming and pruning are necessary tasks for trees. Uncontrolled growth leads to bushy looking shabby trees.  Dead limbs also pose a risk to both people and property. Trimming makes a tree look fuller, flower more and look greener.

Tree removal

Sometimes a tree will need complete removal. Some of the conditions that would necessitate tree removal are;

  • the tree has over 50% damage
  • the tree is diseased and poses a danger to other trees
  • the tree has over 50% death of limbs and branches
  • the tree’s roots become very weak and the tree starts to lean dangerously

In this case it is necessary to contact stump removal long island companies to do proper removal without posing a danger to people and property.

Tree shaping sculpting

One way of putting trees to aesthetic use is by shaping and sculpting. This is done by several ways which include bending, grafting, training and tying. These techniques force the tree to grow into certain shapes. Experienced tree sculptors are able to shape trees into fantastic shapes like chairs, abstract shapes, and mathematical symbols and so on.

Some trees are better in sculpting than others. Pine trimming and sculpting for example is very common and easy. Other tree species that are ideal for beautifying are;

  • Oak
  • Weeping willow
  • Cork elm
  • Cherry
  • Japanese maple
  • Alder

Most tree sculptors love working with young trees that are yet to harden, but mature trees can also be used in sculpting by using their more malleable branches.

Stone art

Stone is also commonly used in beautification. Pavers gravel and stone sculptures can add more effects to a property when combined with natural greenery.  Landscaping using stone is also done by creating useful features which are additionally aesthetical. Some of these structures include;

  • Stone fountains
  • Stone waterfalls
  • Firepits
  • Outdoor kitchens

These structures can be strategically arranged around in the yard to make relaxation points for family and friends.  Some structures like stone waterfalls in the garden are very good in bringing to life a theme like tropical theme. New trees can be planted to complement stone structures by making shading and shadow effects.

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