Asking a Mold Removal Service about the Danger of Mold

What are the Dangers of Mold in Your Home?

Jack, from MY Mold Removal NYC, has this take on mold. Mold is a toxic fungus that grows on damp surfaces.  It appears as a dark green or black matter sticking on a wall, floor or other damp dark surfaces. What is invisible to the eye is more than what is visible. Mold gives off spores that are too small to see and cause the most damage to human health. The most common adverse effect of the mold is an allergic reaction. Mold removal NYC experts say coming into contact with mold can lead to skin irritation. Breathing it in will cause nasal stuffiness, wheezing, coughing and chronic respiratory disease. The worrying fact is that the air inside houses is usually more infested with mold than air outside while people spend more than 60% of their time in buildings.


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